Blackjack Basic Strategy Cheat Cards Wallet Size 2 in. x 3.5 in.

It is the statistically correct way to play any given hand to maximize your chances against the dealer but…

The house still has an ever so small advantage.blackjack basic strategy card 4-8DH17DAS
Over time the house will beat the player!

…Unless you employ a strategy that pushes those odds in your favor and keeps the odds from slipping away.
See our Easy Money Blackjack System™ which can also be combined with the popular Blackjack Sniper Software when playing online to give you that extra winning edge.

This newly redesigned pocket sized blackjack strategy reference cheat card can be printed on any laser or inkjet printer. It is color coded to make finding the correct move quick and easy. You can print it on card stock paper, cut it out, laminate it (optional for durability) and carry the pocket cheat card in your wallet to your favorite casino. That way, if you ever forget your basic strategy, you can always reference the printable chart for the statistically correct best play for any given hand against the dealer. By the way, it’s called a cheat card because it helps you if you forget the correct move. Casinos don’t consider it cheating at all, and most will allow you to play with this strategy card at the table.

The 1st. chart is open to everyone. Site members have access other charts.. If not already a member, please register above.

*Modified strategy charts are only available to purchasers of the Easy Money Blackjack System™

10 Responses to “Basic Strategy Cheat Cards”

  • JHicks

    Why don’t you have the cheat sheet posted for 2 deck cards?

    • Admin

      We aim to please. 2 deck charts for the most common game are now available for download.

  • Grimes

    I am new to the blackjack charts. 5, 6, 18, 19 are left off. What do we do with these numbers? Also when playing with $1 minimum you can not do surrender on a $1 so should we just start at playing the $2 minimum?

    • Admin

      The hands that are not included on the chart are always played like the dealer. One always hits lower value hands and always stands on 18-20.

      Surrender is only necessary if you are playing the Easy Money Blackjack system. It is not necessary in using regular basic strategy (there is an alternative move in the key e.g. surrender/stand if unable).  Surrender should be available on all bets. If not, play at games where the table minimum allows for surrender.


    No “losing streak” cards?

    • Admin

      Losing streak cards are now downloadable and printable for those who purchased the Easy Money Blackjack System. They are listed under “Modified Strategy Charts.” You must be logged in as an owner of the system, then simply click the download links to access those charts.

  • doug

    The strategy card I’m printing from here isn’t printing wallet sized. Any suggestions? Can I buy some?

    • Admin

      When printing, make sure the pdf reader software and the printer properties are NOT set to “scaling”, or “fit to paper size.” Otherwise, the printer will zoom the image to fill the entire page.

    • Paul Hauring

      Can you mail me 2, please?

    • mkilla

      Take five minutes and memorize it.

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